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Julie Brown from Milwaukee is a very happy woman. She’s a successful mother of two children, and she beat breast cancer. And she didn’t just beat it once; she beat it two times.

Brown has been fighting breast cancer since she was first diagnosed at the age of 29. At that time, she had multiple lumpectomies. She also decided to get saline breast implants for breast reconstruction. At that time, she had the implants placed but it wasn’t comfortable for her.

Ten Years Later, The Nightmare Continues

A decade later, the cancer was back. This time she had a mastectomy, and opted for adjustable implants. She had to go back to the plastic surgeon every few months to get them filled a little more, but the process was much easier than during her first breast reconstruction because it stretched her skin slowly and she was able to determine her ideal size as she progressed in CCs.

“Being able to adjust up or down, I think, is a wonderful thing. You can try different outfits, you can see how things look,” Brown says.

These adjustable breast implants have enabled her to visit her plastic surgeon’s office to fill them with more saline, a little at a time. As she fills them each time, she is able to immediately see and feel the increased size. This helped her decide if she wanted to continue increasing in size after each expansion.

One of the downsides of this type of breast implant is that plastic surgeons need to remove the port used to put the saline in. This involves a minor procedure, which some women do not want to worry about, especially after going through cancer treatment and a mastectomy.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: A Natural Solution

An alternative to adjustable breast implants is fat transfer breast reconstruction surgery. This process takes fat from other areas of the body and injects the fat into the breasts. Women can have fat removed from the buttocks, abdominal area, or thighs.

Then, the breasts can be increased over several months’ time by injecting fat into the breasts in stages, also referred to as a layered fat transfer. Just like the adjustable breast implants, women can decide on size as they go and the bonus is that they won’t have to undergo port removal.

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