Amy Robach’s Decision to Undergo Double Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction

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In October 2013, Amy Robach was persuaded by Robin Roberts (who is a breast cancer survivor) to have a mammogram on air during a segment on Good Morning America.

Robach is 40 years old, which is the recommended age that women should start getting regular yearly mammograms to identify early signs of breast cancer.

Robach, an ABC News correspondent on the show, was extremely courageous and decided to have her mammogram live on air in hopes of inspiring other women to follow her lead. She said, “If I got the mammogram on air, and it saved one life, then it’s all worth it.”

Shocking Results to a Common Test

A month later, she returned to Good Morning America to announce the results of the mammogram. Shockingly, the results showed that she had breast cancer. During that airing, she said, “It never occurred to me that life would be mine.” Following the show, Robach wrote on the ABC News site that she had decided to have a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery.

Robach acknowledges she feels lucky she was able to catch her cancer early. She knows that everyone who encouraged her to get the mammogram has saved her life. In response to this, she said:

I was also told this: For every person who has cancer, at least 15 lives are saved because people around them become vigilant. They go to their doctors, they get checked. I can only hope my story will do the same and inspire every woman who hears it to get a mammogram, to take a self-exam. No excuses. It is the difference between life and death.

A Word of Encouragement from Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York

We know it’s frightening to think a doctor could reveal that you have breast cancer. Having a potentially deadly disease that could cause you to lose your breasts isn’t fair. However, the earlier you catch it, the better your chances of survival. Losing your breasts doesn’t mean you have to go without them forever. You have options when it comes to breast reconstruction surgery.

Options for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Silicone or saline breast implants are one option. They can give you back the breasts you lost from cancer surgery, and through this augmentation procedure, you can even choose to have them larger than they were before mastectomy.

Another option is fat transfer breast reconstruction surgery. This is the process of taking fat from another part of your body such as the buttocks, abdominal area, or thighs and injecting it into the breasts. To get your breasts to the size you desire, the transfer is done over a period of months via a series of fat injections.

For more information about your options in regards to reconstructive surgery following mastectomy, contact our Board Certified plastic surgeons at 212-206-0023 in Manhattan, NYC or 631-499-1831 in Commack, Long Island. During your complimentary consultation, we will review your breast reconstruction options, and answer any questions or concerns about the procedure. We can even arrange to perform the reconstruction in the hospital alongside your oncologist and general surgeon, if appropriate.

You know that early detection of breast cancer could save your life. If you test positive for the BRCA genetic mutation, have advanced breast cancer, or need to undergo a double mastectomy, you now have several options after surgery. Schedule your mammogram today!



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