The teen years are notorious for inducing low self-esteem. Teens tend to look with disdain at their bodies when they don’t see them developing as quickly as their friends bodies are. Often times, they don’t like the development they do see. While there are many body parts teenagers will poke fun at, one of the main focuses seem to be on the breasts.

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Unhealthy Role Models

Teenagers want to have big breasts like they see on models. Even though breasts have not fully developed completely by age 16, teens often wish they could be done developing in order to have the cup sizes they see on models in magazines, on television, and on the Internet.

One person that teenagers seem to be comparing themselves to, as of lately, is Kylie Jenner…especially now with her new breast implants. She recently visited the plastic surgeon to boost her cup size, according to magazines InTouch and Celebrity Dirty Laundry.

It’s not a surprise her mother signed for her to get plastic surgery. Kourtney Kardashian was able to get breast implants when she was 18 years old.

How Young is Too Young?

Is 16 years old too young for breast implants? Should Kylie’s parents and plastic surgeon have waited to allow her to do this until her breasts had time to completely fill out? It depends.

For some teenagers, they have serious emotional and psychological issues due to the underdevelopment or uneven development of their breasts. While low self-esteem and confidence levels are common in adolescence, for some teens, it can be much worse. It can be more than just an adolescent phase. It could be something they have serious concerns about and it could negatively affect their life for many years.

Is this to say Kylie Jenner was having these issues? That information has not been released either by Kylie or her family. However, there are some teenagers out there that do have these issues and end up receiving breast implants to correct imperfections, with consent of their parents of course.

It’s all up to the parents, their teen, and their plastic surgeon. There are laws in many states that prohibit breast implants for teens under the age of 18 (saline implants) or under age 21 (silicone implants). However, with parental consent, in some states teens may be able to get breast implants at an earlier age.

Parents and teenagers should be well informed about potential complications and must believe the benefits outweigh the risks so that they can make the very best personal decision.

If you are the parent of a teen who wants breast implants or a teenager who desperately wishes her parents would understand the feelings you are going through, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Teens must come to the appointment with at least parent or legal guardian. We can discuss options and provide all of the information necessary to make a decision that is best for all of you.

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