If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery, you’ve probably heard myths, rumors, and a few truths about what to expect when you get breast implants. One common rumor is that many women experience back and neck pain after breast augmentation.

After all, this type of pain is the reason that many women seek breast reduction surgery. Though not viewed as a major concern, back pain can be influenced by the extra weight added by breast implants.

How can you avoid back and neck pain after surgery?

  • Avoid neck and back pain after breast augmentation. Long Island and NYC surgeons offer free consultations for breast implants.Check your posture. Most people slouch, with their head and shoulders slumped forward. This posture can cause back and neck pain all by itself. When extra weight is added from a breast implant, it can exacerbate poor posture, leading to further pain. Before and after your breast enhancement, work on strengthening your back as well as improving your posture through strengthening your core.
  •  Give yourself time. When a woman’s breasts grow during adolescence, the extra weight is added slowly, giving the body a chance to cope with the extra weight. With breast augmentation, the weight is added all at once. This can put strain on the back! Give your back a chance to strengthen after surgery so it can comfortably hold up your new breasts.
  • Pick the size that’s right for you. Though you might be excited about getting the largest implants possible, be sure to talk to your breast surgeon about the best breast size for you. If you have a petite frame, for instance, very large implants could make you look out of proportion and increase the possibility of back pain.

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