Many women considering breast augmentation today want to know just how much their new implants are going to cost. But the cost of plastic surgery can vary dramatically according to many factors. Location is often one of the biggest factors.

Breast enlargement prices in Manhattan will be different than those in Florida, Texas, California or elsewhere. Furthermore, surgeons will charge different fees for implant size, type, location of the incision, technique used and so on. These factors all come into play when they decide on price.

Price Ranges for Breast Augmentation

Cost of breast augmentation in NYC and Long Island, NY.A consultation with a local plastic surgeon is the best way to get an idea of what your specific surgery will cost. However, you can get an idea by looking at statistics.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the national average cost for breast augmentation in 2011 was $3,388. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) cited similar 2011 figures of $3,694 for silicone gel breast implants and $3,308 for saline breast implants.

Keep in mind that these are surgeon/physician fees only and that there will be additional expenses for the facility, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, implants themselves, and so on.

Prices on the Decline for Breast Augmentation

If you take a look at ASPS statistics, it appears that breast augmentation prices have declined dramatically in recent years. While the average plastic surgeon fees for breast augmentation were listed by the ASPS as $3,388 in 2011, they were as high as $5,020 for the same procedure back in 2005.

That means that breast augmentation procedures are more affordable than ever.

In most cases, health insurance does not cover the cost of breast augmentation when performed for cosmetic purposes. For breast reconstruction following mastectomy or to treat congenital defects, some degree of coverage may be available.

Be sure to consult with your own medical insurance carrier regarding the availability and amount of coverage. Plastic surgery financing is now available in our offices to help pay for cosmetic surgery procedures through companies such as CareCredit and several others. We can pre-qualify you right in the office. Be sure you have an idea of your credit score before coming in. Only patients with good credit will qualify and be approved.

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*This is a rough estimate and does not accurately represent the exact price range for your surgery. Only a physical exam in person can help us arrive at an accurate price.