Most people think that breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery meant exclusively for women, but that’s no longer true. Breast implants aren’t just for the ladies! Under certain circumstances, men are also opting to receive implants.

Who Gets Male Breast Implants

Men who choose to lead alternative lifestyles as transgender often opt to get male breast implants. These groups include gender benders, cross dressers, male to female transsexuals and female impersonators.

One of the first well known male entertainers to get breast implants was Jayne Mansfield, a cross dresser and Hollywood movie star in the 1950’s. To fully look like a woman, Mansfield decided to get breast implants. He received the breast surgery in New York City and was very happy with the results.

The Factors Need to be Right

Breast augmentation for men, transgender, transsexuals, feminization surgery, and for female impersonators in NYC, Long Island.In today’s technologically and medically advanced society, many people are deciding to have their gender changed. When a person feels like they were born into the wrong body, they will do just about anything to make their outside match their inside, including taking hormones and undergoing plastic surgery.

Besides the regular physical tests that doctors perform to make sure a candidate is healthy and prepared for the surgery, doctors will also perform a psychological evaluation of the individual.

Regardless of the reasoning behind their choice, the man needs to be fully prepared, informed and positive about getting the implants. People who are emotionally unstable or are expecting to receive unattainable results usually do not make good candidates for breast implants as part of their feminization surgery.

Also, in order for a man to get breast implants, they must claim their gender to be female to the doctor. Surgeons will not perform breast implants on males ( Often times, the plastic surgeon requires a psychiatric evaluation to confirm that the patient is very sure of what they are about to do.

How it is Done

Despite its differences in gender for this operation, the procedure itself is almost identical to a breast augmentation performed on a woman. The major difference with breast implants for men would be the shape and size of the implant that is used.

If you are a transsexual or transgender and thinking about getting breast implants, it is important to find a great plastic surgeon who knows how to safely give you the figure you desire while making you feel comfortable.

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