A recent study performed by scientists from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver reviewed the variations in results from patients who had undergone breast augmentation surgery and had received either round or shaped implants.

The study included 65 women who had received round breast implants and 63 patients who had shaped ones. The patients were asked to fill out a special questionnaire that concentrated on various aspects of their lives, including:

  • satisfaction with care
  • general satisfaction
  • satisfaction with overall outcome
  • a detailed report of their sexual, emotional and sexual wellbeing

The women completed the questionnaire one to four years after their surgery.


The Results

The results showed that 77 percent of the women who had gotten shaped implants were satisfied and 75 percent of the patients who had round implants were happy with their results.

The conclusions showed little differences, except that the women with shaped implants thought their breasts were firmer than the women who received round ones.


Are round or shaped implants better? Get breast implants in NYC or an augmentation in Long Island.Considering Breast Implants?

Every woman’s personal preferences are different when it comes to her body. Not only does size matter to individuals, but also the shape, feel and brand of the implant. Some women want silicone implants instead of saline, and vice versa.

Before you undergo breast augmentation surgery, it is important to consider what type of implants work for you. Take into consideration how big you want your new breasts to be, your ideal breast shape, and what type of implant you’d be more comfortable with.


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