The reasons for women seeking breast augmentations and implants vary drastically from one another.  Yet, improving self-esteem is almost always the endgame for these women.  Last year, breast augmentations were the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the U.S., with more than 330,000 women having their breasts enhanced.

So why do women do it, and why would you?

Self-Esteem in a Breast-Obsessed NationHow can a breast augmentation change your life for the better? Free consultation for breast implants in NYC or Long Island.

We live in a country where a certain type of body is absolutely idolized to the point of bringing women to their knees in mires of inadequacy.

This is our culture.  Some women with smaller breasts will try their best to ignore the societal norms and press on in spite of the blatant and vulgar voices that come from every billboard and commercial.

Laura Kearney’s Experience

Laura Kearney, a breast implant patient, said, “For eight years, I resisted the pressures of society — images of stars and starlets, the focus on female anatomy. It’s everywhere in your face and I felt like less of a woman.”

After eight years of considering implants, she finally decided to go with silicone implants.  What does she think of her life after the procedure?

“I can’t believe how real, how natural they look,” Kearney says. “I can’t even describe how happy I am.  I got into the vitamin regimen, quit smoking. It was a big opportunity for me to be a healthier person. It felt like everything was going in the right direction. It was so exciting.”

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