Breast augmentation and breast implants are some of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures available. Despite their immense popularity, they may affect the ability for women to breastfeed.

According to the FDA, “”Breast implants may affect your ability to breast feed, either by reducing or eliminating milk production.”


Reasons for Possible Complications

Despite the popular belief that the implants themselves hinder breastfeeding, this isn’t true. It’s not the implants that can cause complications in breastfeeding, it is the possible nerve damage caused by the surgical procedBreast Feeding after Breast Augmentation With Implants | New York City and Long Islandure.

The damage is based upon where on the breast the incision is made and where the breast implant is located. A mother can still breastfeed after her implants if an incision is made through the armpit and underneath the fold of her breast.

If the incision is done on the breast, especially through or on the woman’s areola, the risk of nerve damage increases.

These nerves are critical in milk production because they trigger the brain to produce the proper chemicals, including prolactin and oxytocin, necessary for a woman to lactate.

Making an incision on the breast can also harm the milk ducts, as well as the woman’s milk glands.


Possible Risks

If a woman opts to have saline implants, the saline can possibly leak, but this is generally harmless to a baby. The effects of silicone on infants are currently unknown to professionals.

If complications do happen, it is important to consult a lactation consultant who can help you find an alternative to breastfeeding the baby. Also, monitor the infant to make sure he or she is getting enough milk.


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