Breast implants are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in my centers. Even though both silicone and saline implants have an average life expectancy of about 10 years, some women may experience breast implant ruptures or tears.

This may happen for a variety of reasons including trauma to the breasts, car accidents, mammograms, closed capsulotomy and mechanical damage. Even though breast implant ruptures are a possibility at any time, they are more likely to occur the longer you have had your implant.

This blog post is here to help guide you in case a ruptured breast implant happens to you.

Types of Breast Implant RupturesWhat to Do if Your Breast Implant Ruptures | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

There are a few different types of silicone or saline breast implant ruptures that can happen. A silent rupture is an implant rupture which shows no symptoms. This means that you and your doctor will not know that it happened unless you undergo diagnostic imaging.

A symptomatic rupture is when the rupture produces swelling, pain, lumps, hardness or even change of size or shape.

Symptoms of Breast Implant Ruptures

The main symptoms of breast implant ruptures include:

  • Change in shape or size of your breast
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • A fever of over 100 (due to leakage of bacteria-filled saline)
  • Possible body aches or general malaise

What to Do if Your Breast Implant Ruptures

It is very important to remove a ruptured breast implant as soon as possible, especially if you have silicone implants. You will need to call our New York breast surgery offices in NYC or Long Island to schedule a consultation for what is known as an “explanation”, or breast implant removal.

Generally, a ruptured breast implant is harmless to your health. If you feel sick after your implant has ruptured, then you need to see a doctor immediately. This could mean that you have an infection from the leaked saline which can contain mold or bacteria.

If you do need to have breast implant removal surgery, a lot of companies, such as Mentor breast implants, offer extended warranties that can cover a spontaneous rupture for up to 10 years.

Call for Help if You Experience a Breast Implant Rupture

Unfortunately, breast implant ruptures can happen to anybody. Even though they are uncommon, it is important to learn what you should do in case it happens by calling our New York breast enlargement offices in NYC and Long Island at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831.

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