Many patients are scarcely aware of just how far this cosmetic procedure has come since it first originated in the 1960s.  Actually, women were enlarging breasts far before this time using injections of substances such as paraffin or fat cells.

In the early years of silicone implants, a woman would have found herself in the hospital for several days of recovery.

Today, thanks to advanced techniques such as those that we use, this procedure is performed mainly on an outpatient basis.

However, as compassionate plastic surgeons, we should always be learning about new and improved ways to enhance our patients’ experiences.

New Breasts in a Flash?

Flash recovery breast augmentation. Tips from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, New York breast enlargement centers in NYC and Long Island, New York.Over the last few years, a new technique called “Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation” has gained some attention in the media.  This particular procedure was featured on the popular television show The Doctors, during which Dr. Ghavami of Beverly Hills, California performed the procedure on a patient for the show.

Since that time, many plastic surgeons have joined in the marketing frenzy, advertising their own form of this surgical procedure that promises same-day recovery for almost every patient.

While studies are still ongoing, it would seem that this California doctor is on to something that is highly beneficial to patients.

How Flash Recovery Breast Augmentation Works

Dr. Ghavami uses a specialized technique that includes cauterization and very precise dissection from a crease incision to complete this procedure.  Due to the method used, doctors report that there is less bleeding, resulting in a greatly shortened surgery time.

Furthermore, there is far less trauma to the body, as the ribs are barely touched, if at all, and muscle tissue is handled with great care. Basically, the theory is that because there is reduced bleeding during the procedure, there is less pain afterward and a decreased recovery time, something we cannot argue with as being wonderful benefits.

Specifics to treatment by our Breast Enlargement Long Island Surgeons

Not all cosmetic surgeons practice in the same way.  In fact, there are only a few who specialize in the specific Flash Recovery method.  However, most cosmetic surgeons do keep up with the latest techniques that have a likelihood of improving the patient’s experience.

When it comes to the Flash Recovery breast augmentation, the procedure is not the ideal fit for every patient.  For instance, those who need a lift or want to have input on the size of their implant are best served by traditional breast augmentation surgery.

In the end, Flash Recovery methods do not seem to differ significantly from the techniques performed in other breast augmentation centers.  It is the gentle touch and cauterization that make all the difference. Patients’ bodies must still heal from their procedure. Since the utmost care and precision are taken to reduce bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain, patients recover “in a flash”.

There are limitations to movement with Flash Recovery methods and the need for special care in order to reduce the risk of scar tissue development, such as using a compression garment as directed, gently massaging the breasts, or lying on breasts for a few minutes each day.

Ready to See if Breast Augmentation is Right for You?

There will always be advances in cosmetic procedures, and in the materials and techniques used that lead to greater patient satisfaction.  To learn more about which type of incision placement or breast surgery will work best for you, call our New York breast augmentation centers in NYC or Long Island for a free consultation at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831.

To a Faster Recovery from Surgery,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team