It’s an unavoidable truth that after you get breast implants, you are going to need a whole new bra wardrobe. Most women have a variety of intimates: the sports bra, the t-shirt bra, the lacy bra, the strapless bra, the convertible bra, and so on. Each type is important for complementing your wardrobe, and all of them should fit perfectly.

How to choose a bra after implants or augmentation. Tips from our breast enhancement New York centers in NYC and Long Island.Right after your surgery, you’ll be wearing a compression garment to keep swelling at bay, but after the recovery process is over, you’re going to want to wear bras that emphasize your beautiful new bust.

Don’t just rush out and buy anything that catches your eye–there are quite a few factors that go into choosing the perfect bra. Read these tips for getting the very best fit.


Even if you’ve already been fitted for a bra, you’re going to have to get another fitting once your breasts have healed from surgery. Many of my patients opt for a dramatic change in cup size, and you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money on a bra that’s going to fit properly.

There are a number of bra fitting formulas on the internet to determine your true size, but since many stores have slightly different definitions of what a “B” or “DD” cup means, you’d probably do best to get fitted at an individual store. And always, always try prospective bras on. Once you’ve got your favorite brand and size figured out, you can order online going forward.


We live in an era that promotes cheap, disposable goods–attributes that are not great when it comes to a bra. Would you buy a poor-quality breast implant just because it was cheap? Of course not!

Some items are fine to buy with the intent that they won’t last long, but bras are a foundation garment that will help accentuate your body and clothing while helping prevent sagging. Go for a well-made bra with high-quality materials.

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To a Bra that Fits Like a Glove,

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