For many women, one of the most challenging aspects of the breast augmentation process is choosing the best breast implant size. Most of our patients know that they want to go larger, but they sometimes fret over the following questions:

  • Just how large should I go?
  • How will my new breast size look on my body?

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY, many of our patients have used the rice test to help them make this very important decision.

Using the Rice Test to Choose Implant Size

Using the rice test for breast implant sizing. From The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team's breast augmentation NY centers in Manhattan and Long Island.It will hopefully comfort you to know that we have extensive experience and training in breast augmentation surgery and we work closely with patients to help them choose the best breast implant size that suits their goals for cup size as well as their individual body type.

And while most plastic surgeons have in-office breast implant sizers for patients to try on in the exam room setting, many patients want to do some experimenting on their own at home. Some look at pictures of breasts and set aside those with the size and shape they like the most.

Other patients buy a variety of bras in different sizes and try them on with padding. Yet another option for trying out different sizes is the rice test.

Rice Test Instructions

The rice test can help you determine the approximate cc size that you would like to be. To do the rice test, fill a pair of knee high stockings or Ziploc baggies with the appropriate amounts of rice and try them on inside of a sports bra. We recommend putting a blouse or sweater over the padded bra to give you an idea of what you would look like in clothing.

Water can also be used instead of rice, though the cc amounts will be slightly less and the process may prove messier. The amounts of rice and their approximate corresponding cc size are as follows:

Rice Approximate cc Size
1/8 cup 30cc
1/4 cup 59cc
1/3 cup 79cc
1/2 cup 118cc
2/3 cup 158cc
3/4 cup 177cc
7/8 cup 207cc
1 cup 237cc
1 1/4 cups 296cc
1 1/2 cups 355cc
1 3/4 cups 414cc
2 cups 473cc
2 1/4 cups 532cc


Because the above figures are more accurate for the submuscular breast implant placement, the amounts will be about 15% greater with the subglandular placement.

If you’ve always longed for larger, more-shapely breasts, call our breast augmentation NY centers in Manhattan or Long Island at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831 for your free consultation.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY performs most procedures in our AAAHC accredited surgical centers because safety is our top priority. In some cases, surgery will be performed in a local hospital setting.

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To Using Rice for More Than Just a Side Dish,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team