If you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s tempting to want your breasts to be as large as possible. But it’s not as simple as telling your surgeon you’d like big breasts. It’s important to take some time to choose your perfect implant size and type, because there are many options available.

This procedure recently was reported by the ASPS as the #1 procedure performed in the U.S. Many of these procedures are performed during mommy makeovers, or special plastic surgery for moms.

How Breast Implants are MeasuredHow to choose your ideal cup size. Free consultation for breast implants and augmentation in NYC or Long Island NY.

Telling your surgeon you want a C cup won’t really help. Sizes are variable among bra makers, and implants simply aren’t measured in this way. Instead, plastic surgeons measure implants in cubic centimeters (cc). This is very precise and easy to measure, however the same sized implant can look very different on one person than another.

Factors in Choosing Your Size

First, you’ll need to consider your frame. If you’re very petite, large breast implants will make you look unwieldy and unnatural. On someone with a larger frame, however, the same implants may look too small.

Your surgeon will work with you to determine how large your implants should be, but it can help to do your own tests at home, to gain a better sense of about how large the implants will need to be to achieve an attractive and natural appearance.

Once you have an idea of what size breasts you would like, your doctor will have to make sure you have enough tissue to support the size of the implant.

Test Different Sizes

A common test you can do at home for testing various implant sizes is the rice test. Take a pair of nylon stockings (with the top cut off) or zip top plastic bags, and fill them with rice (30 cc = 1 ounce or 1/8 cup). Tie off the bags and put them in your sports bra. Wear them for a while as you go about your day. Try different sizes to see what works best for you.

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