When a woman experiences sagging breasts and a loss of elasticity in her skin, it is common for her to investigate breast augmentation as a way to regain a more youthful look.  The idea of a breast lift may be, quite frankly, unappealing due to a preconceived notion about incisions and breast lift scars.

We specialize in the most conservative approach to every surgical procedure, including breast lift surgery.  Therefore, we encourage patients to make their decision only after gathering all the facts.

Whether using breast implants alone, or having a breast lift with augmentation, incisions are made using the utmost care, precision, and skill.

Breast Lift to Correct Sagging Breasts

When a breast lift and augmentation are done, sagging and volume loss can both be addressed. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.When a breast lift is performed without augmentation, there are a few different types of incisions that could be made. The exact type is determined by the patients’ physical requirements and my personal preference in each case.

Possibilities include:

  1. A horizontal incision located at the breast crease, in the fold where it will be easily hidden following surgery. A second incision is also made, spanning from the crease at the center of the breast towards the nipple.

  2. Similar to the first, this second type of incision also includes an incision around the areola. This allows for the surgeon to position the nipple in a higher location during the procedure.

  3. The keyhole incision, in which there are the fewest cuts, is commonly used. In the “keyhole”, there is a continuous cut that starts in the crease and spans around the nipple, where it tapers inward, like a keyhole.

When augmentation is performed on its own, incisions may be somewhat smaller than traditional breast lift scars, but results may also be different.  In any case, the specifics need to be considered before coming to a final conclusion about which method of breast lift is most suitable for each patient.

When the issue with breasts is that they are lacking volume at the top, implants or a fat transfer to the breasts may suffice.  In some cases, we recommend an anatomical breast implant profile for women with a loss of volume in the upper pole region.  The fat transfer to the breasts is completely customizable to the patient’s individual shape and needs.

Instances where a breast lift may also be warranted are when breast tissue has become saggy, and the areola falls below the fold of the breast.  Should breast implants alone be used to remedy sagging breasts, the appearance of the breast may not be optimal, with skin that seems to hang off of the implant.

There are a good number of plastic surgeons that usually prefer to perform breast lift and augmentation surgery on the same day.

However, without a conscientious approach to cosmetic correction of sagging breast tissue, a plastic surgeon can do more harm than good, as we have seen in many cases of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong.

Breast Lift and Enlargement in Manhattan or Long Island

Through careful evaluation of each case that comes through our Long Island and New York City breast enhancement practices, we can best determine if breast implants alone will achieve optimal results, or if a combination breast lift and breast augmentation procedure is needed.

In the end, it is our priority that every patient comes away with optimal results that will last. For your free consultation for breast enhancement or breast lift, contact our offices at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

To Helping You Attain More Youthful Breasts,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team