Celebrity model Danielle O’Hara deals with a ruptured breast implant. Breast augmentation in New York; NYC and Long Island surgeons.

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One of the warnings plastic surgeons give women who receive breast implants is they must be careful during intense physical activity.

This is not only soon after the surgery, but forever. It is possible an extreme amount of pressure on the chest can cause the implants to burst.

While a saline breast implant rupture burst isn’t usually a health concern, it does cause quite an inconvenience, as the woman will have to undergo another breast augmentation surgery to have the ruptured implant removed.

A Ruptured Breast Implant Experience

Danielle O’Hara experienced a ruptured breast implant, so she knows the reality of what could happen. She is an English glamour model, and a former Miss England and Miss Britain. She is now known for her appearances on reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, The Weakest Link, Total Wipeout, and the latest one, Splash!

In 2012, Danielle O’Hara suffered a ruptured implant. Due to the burst, she ended up reducing her breast size from a size F to a C cup. While this reduces the risk of another rupture, there is still risk involved. During her diving competition on the celebrity reality show Splash!, O’Hara reported to The Sun that she feared she would rupture her implants again.

“When I’ve belly flopped and hit my chest, I have been worried about my implants.”

While she was voted off the show with her implants still intact, she may have left many women wondering about their own breast implants or whether they should get them.

How Tough Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are pretty durable. Many athletes have them, and most never have to deal with a rupture. However, women with implants still need to be careful. As long as the chest does not endure a great deal of impact, implants should stay intact.

Wearing a supportive bra is always a good idea; most women know they need to wear one while being active because it feels more comfortable and can prevent overstretching the ligaments of the breasts.

If You’re Active, Breast Implants Can Work Well

Don’t turn away from breast implants if you’re an active woman. You can still get them, as long as you are careful. If you still have concerns or want to know whether the activities you engage in are too dangerous for breast implants, please contact us.

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