We all want to feel good about the way we look, which is a common human trait – even for those who do not live in our appearance-focused American society.

Because you live in this type of society, you are undoubtedly exposed to hundreds of images of everyone else’s opinion of the “ideal woman” on a daily basis.

While we personally provide patients with a way to feel more beautiful through cosmetic procedures, it is beneficial to find natural beauty in yourself before considering plastic surgery.

Get a Body Image Boost with Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement New York surgeon discusses how to feel beautiful beyond plastic surgery with our breast augmentation NYC or Long Island team.Above all, it is important that we all learn to love ourselves in spite of the imperfections that we have.  Undergoing plastic surgery can produce dramatic results, but cannot make one feel what was not there to begin with: self-esteem.

When considering plastic surgery, think of your reasons for wanting cosmetic enhancement and count the various things that you already love about yourself.  Then you’ll be well on your way to truly valuing what is beautiful about yourself without the “help” of plastic surgery.

Show Your True Colors Through Clothing

As with all creatures in the animal kingdom, humans are attracted to color.  So why not try to use color to enhance our own appearance?  To bring a lift to your face as well as your mood, fashion stylist Joseph Lupo suggests wearing a colorful scarf or other piece.  This trick works for both men and women, by the way.

The color blue, according to Lupo, is seen as a happy color and this hue can be found in a shade that suits both warm and cool skin tones through the addition of other primary colors such as red or yellow.

To discover your skin tone, place a white sheet of paper next to your face.  If your skin appears yellow-orange, your tone is warm and suited to royal blue.  If skin appears more on the pink side, your tone is cool and is suited for aqua and icy blue shades.

Shake it Up

Some of my patients report they feel most beautiful after trying something new.  Indeed, beauty is not all about what we see on the outside.  To reach this part of yourself, consider doing things you normally don’t do. Take a risk!

Some women are more physically inclined, some more adventurous, whereas others may be more intellectual or creative.  Depending on your personal strengths and interests, choose an activity that is slightly out of your comfort zone or might fulfill an inner longing.  Accomplishment of any kind gives you reason to smile and pat your beautiful self on the back.

Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Really, there is no classic mold for true beauty.  Each woman is made differently both emotionally and physically.  While there are steps that lead to an enhanced physical appearance such as diet and exercise, weight loss, or plastic surgery in our New York breast enhancement centers, real beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that beholder is YOU.

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