Despite the American Society of Plastic Surgeons releasing its annual report stating that breast augmentation was the most popular surgery for 2012, the number of patients receiving this procedure has diminished over the last six years.

What’s replacing it?

Face lifts, wrinkle injections and laser facial surgery. Last year, more than 14.6 million procedures were performed. This was an increase of 5% over 2011. The number of breast procedures decreased by 7% from the year before, with only about 286,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed during 2012.

Last year saw a decrease in buttock augmentation as well, down 36% from 2011. Our nation seems to be shifting emphasis away from the plentiful buttocks of Kim Kardashian and other Generation Y-ers and focusing instead on the lifted necks and youthful brows of the baby boomers.

The number one cosmetic procedure in the country last year was injections of botulinim toxin, with over 6.1 million procedures performed, and an 8% increase from the year before. Another increase was seen in the number of patients undergoing injections of facial wrinkle fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane, with an increase of 5% to nearly two-million people undergoing the procedure.

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