Though breast augmentation using fat transfer has been widely available for several years, it is only now beginning to receive recognition as a viable alternative to augmentation with implants. As a fairly new procedure, studies are still being conducted on the efficacy of the fat used during the procedure.

In the meantime, more patients than ever are discovering that fat transfer is a good fit for their needs.

Double the Benefits: Liposuction and Augmentation

One of the biggest benefits to using fat to enhance breast size is the body contouring that takes place when the surgeon harvests the fat before transfer. Fat can be removed from any part of the body where reshaping is desired, giving the patient a slimmer, curvier shape in all the right places.

For women without enough body fat to harvest from, however, implants are the only viable augmentation option.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Gaining in Popularity | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NYA More Natural Look

Breast enhancement using fat transfer results in a more natural look and feel than augmentation with implants. As an added bonus, there is no risk of implant rupture down the line and no need for a future surgery to replace breast implants.

Some women are wary of putting an implant made of a synthetic substance into their bodies, so fat transfer presents a 100% natural alternative.

Implants may be a better option for women who seek an instantly dramatic augmentation, however. This is because breast enhancements with fat only increase breast size by about one full cup size with each transfer procedure.

Multiple fat transfers will be needed for patients desiring more dramatic results.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

In the past, breast reconstruction options for women who had to undergo mastectomy during treatment for breast cancer were rather limited. Today, fat transfer offers a natural solution for breast reconstruction.

It’s advisable to start thinking about reconstruction prior to mastectomy, if possible, so a plan can be made with both the general surgeon performing the mastectomy and the plastic surgeon who will be performing the breast reconstruction.

Stem Cell and Adipose Tissue Storage

Studies by researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark indicate that fat transfers that include adult stem cells have a far better chance of long-term survival once transplanted. In addition, these fat-derived stem cells can be banked for use in future cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle fillers, buttocks augmentation, and facial fat grafting to the lips, eyes, and cheeks.

Other Breast Enhancement Options

Fat transfer is not the only recent innovation in breast augmentation. A new cohesive silicone implant called the gummy bear implant was recently FDA approved. It joins traditional saline and silicone gel as ideal options for women seeking breast enhancement with implants.

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