As a plastic surgery team, it grieves us to see patients who are really struggling due to asymmetrical breasts. This is why we have become specially-trained in managing and correcting breast asymmetry using breast implants or fat transfer.

Breast asymmetry, or breasts that are different sizes, is very common. In fact, most women have some asymmetry of their breasts but in many cases this unevenness is so slight that it goes unnoticed.

For other women, asymmetry may be more severe, with differences of as much as one or more cup sizes between the breasts. As a result, these women may be very self-conscious.

Fortunately, breast augmentation surgery can even out asymmetry, particularly in women where asymmetry is more pronounced.

Fixing Breast Asymmetry

How the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team fixes breast asymmetry with implants or fat transfer in NYC and Long Island, New York.Correcting breast asymmetry, particularly significant cases of asymmetry, can be very challenging, but just as rewarding. We understand that the matter of symmetry – or asymmetry – must be addressed properly, with great care, and following a plan for what technique will be used, well before the patient’s surgery.

If these steps are not taken, the asymmetry may become more noticeable after surgery and revision surgery may become necessary.

There are a variety of factors which contribute to breast asymmetry, including breast volume, nipple position and other components, all of which must be taken into account when developing a surgical plan.

Patients with asymmetry must also be fully informed of the challenges, risks, and potential problems associated with asymmetry and using breast augmentation to fix this issue.

In many cases, digital breast imaging technology can be particularly helpful in allowing both patient and surgeon to understand and see existing asymmetry issues and the potential for correction.

Why Should You Trust a Plastic Surgeon to Fix Breast Asymmetry?

Correcting breast asymmetry can be a very rewarding procedure for our patients, especially for women with very noticeable asymmetry. This can be achieved with breast augmentation with implants or fat transfer as well as by performing breast reduction on the larger breast.

Due to the challenging nature of this procedure, it is essential that the plastic surgeon have the necessary skills, training,  and experience needed to achieve an optimal result. In many cases, it is also important that the plastic surgeon have an artistic eye.

If you live in NYC or the Long Island areas, you can trust our experience as a highly-qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons with many years of experience in providing patients with exceptional, natural looking results in breast augmentation.

To learn more about fixing breast asymmetry with implants or fat transfer, book a free consultation in our New York breast augmentation centers in NYC and Long Island by calling 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831 today.

To a Well-Balanced Bust,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team