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Glamour Magazine hosts the online blog of a 28-year old comedian in NYC by the name of Caitlin Brodnick. She recently found out she carries the BRCA-1 gene, which significantly increases her risk of developing breast cancer.

In this gripping docu-series entitled Screw You, Cancer, Brodnick candidly reveals her experience of getting breast implants after a double mastectomy.

After Preventative Double Mastectomy

In her latest blog post, Brodnick decided she would receive silicone breast implants for her reconstructive surgery. She underwent her double mastectomy just six weeks prior and she was feeling better after that procedure.

While she was excited about the reconstructive surgery exclaiming, “I can’t wait!” she did have some apprehension and anxiety. She mostly worried about the surgery since she had just undergone a major surgery a few weeks prior.

Her medical team assured her that breast reconstruction was much less intensive and that the recovery time would be much shorter than the double mastectomy procedure.

After her surgery, she reports it went “really well.” She says that it went by faster than she had anticipated and the side effects weren’t so bad. The best part about it was that she was done. There were no more surgeries to deal with, and all she had to do was rest and put the entire experience behind her.

What Would You Do After a Positive Diagnosis?

Finding out you have the BRCA-1 gene can be devastating. However, it’s news that can help you save your life. With preventative double mastectomy, you can greatly reduce your risk of breast cancer. With breast reconstruction surgery, you can restore your breasts.

You do have options when it comes to breast implants. You can select either silicone gel, cohesive silicone gel, or saline implants. You can also choose natural breast augmentation. In natural breast augmentation, plastic surgeons remove fat via liposuction from areas of your body such as your buttocks, thighs, or abdominal area, and then inject it into the breasts.

The choice is yours to make after a double mastectomy. You made the choice to save your life, and now you can choose which breast augmentation is right for you.

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