It was only a few years ago that Heidi Montag couldn’t get enough of her F-cup breasts. She was showing them off and it seemed to love them. That was, however, until just a few weeks ago when she announced she had undergone breast implant replacement to reduce her breast size back to a C-cup.

Breast Implant Reduction or removal

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Montag first became famous when she starred in the popular reality television show, The Hills. In 2007, she decided to get rhinoplasty on her nose as well as her first breast augmentation, which increased her A-cup breasts to a C-cup.

Before viewers could ask, “Did she have some work done,” she decided to have 10 plastic surgery procedures in just one day. These procedures involved a nose job, liposuction, and another breast augmentation, which gave her F-cup breast implants.

Just three years later, Montag has gone back to the plastic surgeon to have her F-cup size breast implants taken out and replaced with C-cup implants. The entire procedure was filmed by Entertainment Tonight.

She stated that the reason she decided to opt for a smaller bust is because her large breasts were three pounds each and were causing her pain in the shoulders and back.

According to Montag reported by US Weekly:

I’m the new, new, new Heidi!

Do Breast Augmentations Lead to Neck and Back Pain?

Not everyone who receives large breast implants experiences the health problems Montag has reported. A woman’s body has a lot to do with how she will handle the size of her breasts. Her body is petite, and so it has a difficult time supporting the F-cup size.

Deciding to revert back to smaller breast implants was what Montag decided was best for her. The procedure didn’t entail more than taking out the existing implants, tightening the skin around the breasts, and inserting the smaller implants.

Reasons to Downsize Breast Implants

Women who decide to downsize their breast implants are those that are experiencing pain in the shoulders, neck, or back. While these women may have once loved their large breasts, the pain that heavy implants can cause far outweighs the desire to keep up their appearance.

Most women who decide to downsize their breast implants are happy with their decision. They feel much lighter, are able to eliminate the pain they once had, and enjoy being able to wear clothing they may not have been able to fit into before.

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