Since the late nineteenth century, breast implant devices have been used in attempt to enhance the look and feel of women’s breasts. The first breast augmentation procedures involved insertion of devices ranging from adipose tissues (fat) to ivory, glass balls, and rubber.

Today, the most popular and widely known devices are, of course, the silicone implant and the saline filled model. Another up and coming technique is the fat transfer breast augmentation.

Since this procedure has been around, there have been many criticisms of the safety and functionality of the techniques used.  Furthermore, the media has always portrayed women with breast implants as being fake, promiscuous, or otherwise.  We see celebrities change themselves with a breast augmentation and later get berated in the tabloids because of it.

Mainstream Opinion of History and Culture

History, culture, and media portrayal of breast implants. Long Island and NYC, NY breast augmentation centers.At the very same time, the media and mainstream television has always seemed to prefer putting actresses and women on their reality shows and news segments who fit the image of “beautiful”. It sort of seems like Americans prefer a woman to be a manifestation of perfection and fantasy.

The idea that “bigger is always better”. The female body has been pressured to change and adapt to the desires of men and television ratings since the procedure became widely available.

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We don’t support or endorse any particular opinion at our offices. We believe a woman should feel how she wants and look the way that brings her the most happiness. A breast augmentation could serve many purposes ranging from improving self-confidence, breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, reshaping of the breasts, and giving a woman the shape she has always wanted after having a baby (plastic surgery for moms).

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our plastic and cosmetic surgeons can provide you with a personalized plan to give you a breast augmentation that will boost self-confidence in your figure.

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