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Micromastia is a medical term for postpubertal women that never developed breast tissue. This is also sometimes referred to as breast hypoplasia. Women suffering from this condition basically have two nipples on a flat chest rather than developed mammary glands.

Some of the causes of micromastia can be related to congenital defects, which can include abnormalities in the pectoral muscles. It can also be the result of trauma to the breast area.

Since there isn’t a “standard size” for breasts, it is difficult to self-diagnose cases of micromastia. Since this condition doesn’t cause or signal a medical issue, often times even the medical community doesn’t diagnose it! Due to this, many women decide for themselves that their extremely small breasts are a product of micromastia.

Two Types of Micromastia

There are two types of micromastia: bilateral and unilateral. Bilateral is when there is no breast tissue on either side of the chest. Unilateral is when there is breast tissue on one side and none or a significantly smaller amount of tissue on the other side.

How to Correct Micromastia

Some women are comfortable with not having breasts, but many women with the condition do wish they had at least an A cup or larger. Those with a larger breast on one side also find that seeking a breast implant for the abnormal side is a good choice. The end result for patients like these is two breasts that are similar in size, shape and position.

Natural breast augmentation is also an excellent option for certain women. With this procedure, plastic surgeons remove fat via liposuction from another area of the body. Fat can be removed from the buttocks, thighs, or abdominal area. The fat is then sent to a FDA registered laboratory for processing.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is an authorized American CryoStem Provider so patients can store their fat for later use in autologous fat transfer to the breasts, face, or buttocks.

After the adipose tissue is processed by American CryoStem it is ready to be transferred. The plastic surgeon can then order the fat to be delivered on the day of the patient’s procedure so it can be injected into the breasts (or elsewhere). This gives the woman completely natural breasts that look and feel as if she was born that way.

Discuss Your Options for Micromastia

If you believe you suffer from micromastia, you may feel better about your bust with a breast augmentation using either breast implants or natural breast augmentation. Our New York Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons offer complimentary consultations to discuss your options for micromastia.

It’s likely you have a lot of questions about the procedures available to you. We want you to be well-informed before you make your decision, which is why we offer a consultation where we will spend as much time with you as you need before feeling comfortable in making a decision about surgery.

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