Dangerous effects of synthetic polypropylene breast implants for Elizabeth Starr. Get safe surgery with a New York City Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Many women decide to get breast implants to help them feel better about the way they look. Some women, such as Elizabeth Starr, decide to seek bigger breasts because they want to advance their career.

Starr is an adult film star. Fifteen years ago she decided to seek an illegal type of breast implants. The procedure she received involved having synthetic polypropylene strings placed inside her breasts. The strings cause the body to produce fluid, which is then absorbed into the strings causing the breasts to increase in size.

Starr’s breasts grew to O-sized cups, which have caused her many problems. Since her initial procedure, she has had to seek 63 additional surgeries to correct the problems that came afterwards, according to Barcroft Media.

What’s even more shocking, doctors are now recommending a double mastectomy in order to eliminate her risk of blood clots and infection. The only problem is that, after having already undergone over 60 surgeries, she doesn’t want to go back for more.

According to Mail magazine, Starr says this about her struggles:

It’s hard when you have been a victim of something and it’s even harder when you choose a path in life where people might look down on you and think ‘she deserved it.’ But I wouldn’t wish this on anyone and I hope my story will act as a warning.

String or polypropylene breast implants are illegal in the United States and have been ruled “unsafe” by the Food and Drug Administration. As seen in Starr’s case, this type of breast implants can lead to many risks such as blood clots, infection, back problems, and more.

Safer, FDA-Approved Breast Augmentation Materials

With silicone gel (and, more recently, cohesive gel), saline breast implants or natural breast augmentation, you have other choices that are considered much safer. Silicone breast implants were under investigation in 1992, but the Food and Drug Administration ruled them as safe after a great deal of research released in 2006. Saline-filled breast implants are filled with sterile salt water.

Natural breast augmentation is the process of taking fat from the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks via liposuction. The fat is then purified, processed, and stored in an FDA-registered processing laboratory for an additional fee. Once processed, the fat can then be safely injected into the breasts during several fat transfer procedures, which will add volume.

Make a Safe Choice for Your Body and Your Life

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