If you’ve been living with a less-than-exciting bra size for too many years, then maybe it’s time to change that with help from breast augmentation surgery.

But how big is “big enough” for you? Maybe you’re starting out as an A, but do you just want to play it safe with a modest B cup or go all in and get the DD? And which kind of implant shape will work best for the results you want? There are so many crucial decisions to make!

We hope that through this blog post, we can help. First, let’s discuss what you want as far as results go.

Discuss Goals, Not Bra SizesBreast implant sizing help from our breast augmentation NYC and Long Island surgeons in New York.

The first thing you should know before heading in for surgery with our breast augmentation NYC and Long Island surgical team is that bra size does not entirely determine the look of your breasts.

We rely on our bra sizes when we start “sizing ourselves up” next to someone else, but a B cup on paper may seem more like a C cup in person. It’s all about visuals and proportions at the end of the day.

Put on Your Training Wheels First!

You didn’t just jump on a bicycle for the very first time and ride off into the sunset, did you? Of course not! You first used training wheels to try out the feel of the bike. Similarly, with breast implants, a great way to start determining what realistic size you want for your new bust is to practice with sizing and what it will look like. That’s right, go back to those middle school or high school days and start stuffing!

A good test we recommend is to take a knee high sock and put rice in it with the appropriate volume for the breast implant size you are considering. Five “cc’s” is equal to one teaspoon, so you can easily measure out standard implant sizes into socks.

Ziploc baggies with water are another excellent option. Just be sure they are completely sealed; imagine the mess you would have to clean up if they came undone!

We also offer in-house breast implant sizers to help you choose. Simply bring along a sports bra to your consultation!

Fitting Them into Your Body Type

Another factor to consider is how your new breast implants will look with your body type. If you are a petite woman with a small body frame, a DD might be overwhelming. It’s all about how you feel in your own body, though.

Openly discuss your size considerations with a close family member or friends to make a well-informed decision as to how large you should go. Getting second and third opinions should be welcomed!

When you come in for your consultation, we will show you what looks best with your frame and will help you decide the appropriate size to meet your goals. Remember, we have plenty of  “training wheels” in the office to help you try on different breast implant sizes, profiles, and styles inside of your sports bra.

Decisions, Decisions!

Size is important to women when it comes to our breasts, so you want to make sure you get it just right before receiving breast implants.

Contact our breast enhancement New York centers today in NYC or Long Island by calling 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831 to learn more about the different sizing options you have to choose from. We are here to help you start preparing today!

To Making  an Informed Decision About Size,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team