For most women, the thought of sagging breasts is rarely considered.  That is, until the day they cannot be ignored.  The truth about breasts is that they can begin to sag even at an early age.

Options for sagging breasts: lift or augmentation? Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team offers tips. Free consultation in NY.In our breast enhancement New York offices, we see a good number of young women who have begun to experience this breast condition.

In order to maintain a youthful appearance, a woman tends to look at ways to keep breasts perky and firm.

Though diet, exercise, and a high-quality undergarment can be beneficial, some may need to consider the options of a breast lift or breast augmentation.

Reasons Why Breasts Begin to Sag

So common is the condition of sagging breasts that there is actually a medical term for it; ptosis.  Each woman is different and may be affected to her own personal extent by sagging of the breasts.  Likewise, not all cases stem from the same causes.

Some of the common causes I see include:

  • The aging process
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Genetics
  • Significant weight gain or loss

Categories of Breast Sag

Studying the condition of sagging breasts for decades, the medical community has determined that there are several categories into which a patient may fall.

Ptosis, the generalized term for breast sag, is diagnosed from the alignment of the nipple and areola in comparison to the breast crease.  Within this condition are three grades:

  • Grade I (mild) – nipples are in line with breast crease
  • Grade II (moderate) – nipples rest somewhat below the breast crease
  • Grade III (advanced) – nipples point downward or outward and rest below the breast crease

Another category of breast sag  we see is “empty sac syndrome”, which is the result of aging, breast feeding or possible heredity causes.  In this category of breast sag, a patient will experience the loss of fullness in the breast, but the nipple will remain in alignment with the breast crease.

Pseudoptosis is the last category of breast sag. Linked to age, this type of sag involves a loss of fullness in the area above the nipple.   With pseudoptosis, the roundness of the bottom of the breast remains.

Treatment Options for Sagging Breasts

Regardless of the causes of sagging breasts, this is a problem that many women want to deal with.  By correcting downward-turned nipples and restoring fullness, a woman can also restore confidence in her figure and will feel happier with her body in general.

In our breast augmentation practices in NYC and Long Island, we evaluate the potential causes of breast sag for each unique patient in order to determine the best personalized course of action for correction.  In some cases, a breast lift is warranted.

In a breast lift procedure, excess skin is removed, the breast tissue is tightened, and the breast is lifted.  Other cases may be corrected through breast augmentation with implants alone.

You deserve to love your body from head to toe!  Contact the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, for your free consultation in our NYC breast implants or Long Island breast augmentation center and say goodbye to sagging breasts for good.

To a More “Lifted” You,
The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team