Breast implants have helped many women feel better about themselves. Technology is now making these confidence boosters even safer for womThe latest advancement includes having microchips installed into breast implants. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY.en. The latest advancement includes having microchips installed into the breast implants.

Why Microchips?

Last year, a French company discovered their implants had unauthorized fillers in them. This put 300,000 women at risk because it increased the risk of them rupturing. The implants were manufactured by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

With the microchip installed inside of the implants, doctors would then be able to identify the manufacturer and model using a simple RFD handheld device. This will make it simple to determine whether a woman is at risk in case there is another recall for safety reasons.

The new micro-chipped breast implants are going to first be released to Europe. South America may be the second continent to receive them.

If everything goes well with these new implants, they will likely reach the rest of the world in the next few years. This will be an added safety feature that will calm many of the fears they may have about rupturing implants or unauthorized fillers.

If women still have a fear of unauthorized fillers or breast implants, there is a 100% natural approach they may want to consider – natural breast reconstruction using layered fat transfer.

About Natural Breast Reconstruction

With natural breast reconstruction, a plastic surgeon removes fat via liposuction from an area of the body such as the buttocks, thighs or abdomen.

The fat is then purified and sent to an FDA registered facility, such as American CryoStem, to be cryogenically preserved until the patient is ready to undergo her natural breast reconstruction procedure.

When the patient is ready for the fat injections to the breasts, the fat is sent to the plastic surgeon’s office where it will be placed in the breasts slowly through multiple fat transfer sessions scheduled several months apart. Before each subsequent session, the fat will be requested from American CryoStem and delivered in time for the patient’s next fat grafting session.

With each set of fat injections, the patient will begin to see her breasts increasing in size (about one cup size per session). Since the fat from the patient’s own body is used, it is an all-natural process that eliminates the risk of capsular contracture or breast implant rejection.

The breasts feel and look completely natural; as if she were born with those breasts. Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is an authorized Network Provider of the ATGRAFT program by American CryoStem, so fat transfer is an excellent option for our patients.

If you’re interested in learning more about breast implants or natural breast reconstruction, contact our Long Island or Manhattan NYC breast enlargement centers. We provide free consultations to discuss risks, benefits, and cost so you know exactly what to expect with your procedure.

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