According to a recent article in Forbes, late fall and early winter is the best time of year to get amazing plastic surgery deals while you are on vacation in eastern Europe. Just think about it – you can now visit gorgeous castles and ancient churches while also enhancing your bust line!

The cosmetic surgery and tourism industry are both on the rise in eastern European countries, and this area of the world offers couples some of the most popular destinations for plastic surgery and vacation in one.

Plastic Surgery for Moms on Vacation

Plastic surgery and vacationing abroad? Learn more from our breast augmentation surgery New York centers in NYC and Long Island.If you not only want to “Eat, Pray Love” your way across Europe much like Julia Robert’s character did in the popular rom-dram movie, you can also opt to get amazing plastic surgery procedures in some gorgeous and charming cities.

For example, in Budapest, you can treat yourself to a plastic and dental surgery vacation. Many spas will offer consumers $600 per week packages that include indulgent services such as mineral baths, massages, physical therapy and even medical check-ups.

Many U.S. citizens as well as Europeans are flocking to countries in the Czech Republic, as well as Poland and Hungary, to attain high quality and affordable plastic surgery procedures. Be sure to check out the surgeons’ credentials before making any decisions about plastic surgery abroad!

Couples Plastic Surgery Getaways

If you and your significant other want to bond while beautifying your bodies, check out double surgery vacation packages. According to a recent study from scientists in Australia and the United Kingdom, many Brits and Australians are reporting great results while visiting cosmetic surgery tourist resorts.

Not Going on Vacation?

If you don’t want to hop on a plane to get plastic surgery procedures abroad, then visit either of our Breast Surgery New York offices. Our staff and surgical team are committed to delivering second-to-none results that will leave you looking fabulous, feeling happy, and highly-satisfied.

You’ll feel right at home in our breast augmentation Long Island or breast implants NYC offices so you can treat yourself to a body-transforming procedure with phenomenal results.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation to discuss everything from breast augmentation recovery to breast implants cost.

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