New B-Lite Breast Implant is Making a Buzz

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A new type of breast implant has been invented and it’s supposed to be lighter than conventional breast implants. Since these new implants aren’t as heavy, they may actually prevent sagging in the breasts.

Anytime there is something new to hit the aesthetic world, people get excited; and so are we! The possibilities are numerous with this new type of breast implant.

Women who were once unable to handle larger implants because they were too heavy may be able to consider these implants as an option for large-scale augmentation.

The new B-Lite breast implants weigh 30 percent less than silicon and saline implants. They are made of silicone shells filled with little balls made of silicate. Silicate is a type of silicone gel but in solid form.

Dael Govrin, who is the inventor of B-Lite is an Israeli biochemical engineer. He pointed out that the weight of breast implants hasn’t changed since 1962 when they were first introduced. With his lighter breast implants, he’s hoping to change that.

There have been forty women in Israel who have already received the new B-Lites. They report they don’t even notice they are there. Later this year, Britain should be introducing them to plastic surgeons and their patients.

Breast Implants Now and in the Future

It could be a few years before these new breast implants enter the United States market. They will first need to be approved by the FDA before being allowed in use. If you’re interested in breast enhancement now (and don’t want to wait for the B-Lite implants to be approved), you can opt for standard implants.

Since breast implants generally need to be replaced every 10 years or so, you can have saline or silicone implants now, and when it’s time to replace them you can opt for lighter implants if they are FDA approved. The benefit is that since the new implants will hopefully have a chance to be in use for a while, you’ll be able to do more research and see patient reviews on site like

There’s another option aside from breast implants. You can also opt for a natural breast augmentation. This is procedure involves a plastic surgeon removing fat via liposuction from a part of the body such as the abdominal area, thighs, or buttocks.

The fat is then sent to an FDA-registered laboratory for processing and returned to the plastic surgeon for injecting into the breasts on the patient’s next surgical date. Fat is injected directly into the breasts (which is what the breast is naturally made of), so over the course of several sessions you can work up to the breast size you want. A one cup size increase can be achieved per session.

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