More women are overcoming the fear that stops them from getting the body they have long desired, and breast implants are a safe and viable option to accomplish this. When you visit our New York breast enhancement surgeons in NYC or Long Island, we will discuss several factors of the procedure with you beforehand.

It is important that you feel comfortable with all aspects of this cosmetic procedure, including the size and shape of your new breasts as well as with the surgery itself.

Breast implant options, profile, and style. Tips for breast augmentation from the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team in NYC and Long Island. Free consultation.Breast Implant Profile Choices

One of the aspects of breast implants that patients typically do not initially consider is the breast profile. For any type of breast implant, there are three different profiles that may be chosen from: low, moderate, and high.

Just as shape and volume will play a direct role in how your breast implants look, so will the profile. This is the factor that determines how far breast implants protrude from the chest wall.

In order to adequately choose the most suitable profile, The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team will take into consideration not only your desired outcome but also the natural size of breasts and your overall body proportions. Through careful evaluation, each patient is able to receive implants that are complementary to overall body structure, producing the most natural results.

Low profile implants are those that protrude the least from the chest wall. In many cases where the patient has a wider frame, low profile implants may be ideal.

The most commonly used implant is the moderate profile, which is more customized to the overall size of the implant. The moderate profile implant projects from the chest wall a predetermined amount per measurement of the base diameter, creating a balanced appearance.

There is also a moderate plus profile implant from Mentor Corp, which projects slightly farther than the moderate profile implant but not as far as the high profile implant.

High profile implants give the patient the most protrusion from the chest wall than all other types. Women who have narrow chests are often greatly suited to the high profile implant.

Over the past several years, we have seen great advances in breast implant products and are now able to help patients choose from a variety of factors that will be best suited to natural frame and stature.

In our NYC breast implants and Long Island breast augmentation centers, our aim is to listen to your requests and desires. Based on what you tell us during your consultation, we will discuss how to achieve the most naturally beautiful results using the most suitable breast implant size, volume, shape and profile.

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The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has many years of experience in breast augmentation and can offer you the best advice about profile style, size that works best with you, incision choices, and plastic surgery for moms (if you’re looking for a mommy makeover).