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Do Breast Implants Have an Effect on Exercise?

Exercise with Implants: Tips from our Manhattan Breast Enlargement and Breast Augmentation Long Island Plastic Surgeon in New York

For women considering breast implant surgery, the issue of the effect it will have on their  exercise routine may arise.

Getting plenty of exercise is a healthy way to live and some women may be wondering how much of a difference having implants will make in their workouts.

The short answer is that there are absolutely going to be changes to the way your exercise routine feels after surgery.

You will have more weight on your chest and things will need some getting used to, but it is by all means possible!

Expectations After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Balance and Drag Change. All of your life you have been working with weight that has gradually come and gone and your body had time to naturally adjust. All of the sudden, however, you have increased the size of your chest and your body didn’t see it coming! It will not be drastic, but your balance will definitely be a little bit of kilter for a time until your body can adjust. This will make running and swimming feel weird at first.
  • Limited Reach Across Chest. Until you are used to your new additions, you will continually be surprised by the feel of reaching across your chest. Inward rotation of the arms during sports or exercise will be affected until adapted to.
  • Weight Discomfort. There is now a new weight to your breasts that wasn’t there before and your muscles will need to adjust. The weight of your chest affects your neck, back, and under arms so there may be slight soreness while the muscles strengthen themselves. For activities, a proper sports bra will be needed so to not cause discomfort from the new “bounce” you will inevitably experience.
  • Tightness in Chest Muscles. This is to be expected after surgery. For a period of weeks, your chest muscles will feel tight like they don’t want to move or be worked at all.
  • Doing chest exercises. Generally, by 6-8 weeks post-op you will be cleared to do chest exercises. It will be a new experience stretching those muscles around your new breasts. It is necessary, though, and will help lessen the tightness more quickly, developing into a malleable breast once more.

Stay Fit, Stay Hip!

There are many other exercises and parts of your body that can be worked on while your breast implants are healing, so fear of exercise after surgery should be minimal. Adjusting to your new bust is crucial and if you are into a strictly healthy routine, then getting familiarized quickly is definitely important!

If you have any further questions, please contact our Long Island or Manhattan breast enlargement centers to set up a free consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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