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Breast Implants and the Fear of Cancer

Detection and Prevention of Breast Cancer with Implants

Breast cancer is a serious and scary issue but it is one that should never be swept under the rug. One of the biggest misconceptions is that breast implants can in some way cause breast cancer.

To this day there have been no studies proving this to be true. Breast implants do not increase cancer risk, but they also do not decrease the risk either.

It is still possible to randomly develop breast cancer after receiving implants.  Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team cares about your health and wants you to be informed about the ways to detect and deal with breast cancer and implants.

Becoming Familiar with Your ImplantsCancer detection and breast implants - how are they related?

It may sound a little funny, but it’s entirely necessary. Once you have received breast implants, you need to become familiar with the feel and texture of your new breasts.

This is because, just as you should have been doing before the surgery, you need to regularly be checking for unusual lumps, dimples, or changes to your breasts which are generally a first sign of cancer.

About 90% of women who detect these lumps early are able to have the cancer stopped in its tracks and, as a result, they raise their chances of survival.

Mammogram: It’s Uncomfortable, But Worth It


Just hearing the word makes most women shudder. Having this procedure performed regularly once you have turned 40, however, is essential to catching any signs of cancer. Having to do the procedure with breast implants makes it a little more interesting, though.

Since implants can be in the way of existing breast tissue, more pictures may need to be taken during the procedure.

Yes, ladies, that means prolonged discomfort. But you can and should endure it for the sake of your family and loved ones who don’t want to endure the pain of seeing you go through late-stage breast cancer, which can occur if you don’t regularly get checked.

What Happens if Breast Cancer is Detected? 

If the unfortunate occurs and breast cancer does develop, treatment is the next thing to be done. For women with implants, this is where things can get tricky.

Treatment for cancer can sometimes involve radiation therapy which is a heavy thing to go through, but will be more difficult if you have implants.

This is because the radiation can cause things such as:

  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Change in the shape of the implant
  • Infection
  • Loss of implant
  • Infection in the area

The safest and best course of action to take if you discover you have breast cancer and do need such treatment is to have your implants removed. They may be hard to part with because they have become part of who you are, but in the end, saving your life is the real battle that needs to be won.

Being Informed Can Save Your Life

Statistics say that 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer within her lifetime. We don't want this to become your story, so we encourage you to take the steps detailed above to ensure your breast health.

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