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Breast Lipotransfer: A Natural Breast Augmentation Solution

A Natural Breast Augmentation Using Your Own Fat

Lipotransfer and Natural Stem Cell Breast Augmentation with our Breast Enlargement Manhattan and Long Island SurgeonsWith breast lipotransfer, also referred to as a fat transfer breast augmentation, the patient’s own fat is taken from other body areas via liposuction and used in the breasts to naturally enhance and enlarge them. Talk about a two-in-one bonus!

This procedure is usually referred to as a breast reconstruction when used for breast cancer survivors and post-mastectomy patients.

It is also favored by women who wish to augment their breasts without the use of foreign objects. Some of our patients call this a "green breast augmentation" because their own fat is being recycled for cosmetic use - but we just call it "smart"!

A patient must have enough body fat in the areas where the fat will be harvested from in order to qualify for this procedure.

For very thin patients, including athletes, who may have trouble being able to harvest enough body fat, there are two options:

  1. Have multiple fat harvesting sessions to remove fat from the buttocks, hips, and abdomen.
  2. Have a stem cell breast augmentation + fat transfer.

With option 1, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, will skillfully work to harvest fat and sculpt the body.

Fat is harvested from areas of the body that naturally accumulate extra stores of fat such as the hips, buttocks, abdomen and thighs. After the harvesting procedure is completed, the patient will need to wait about two months for the second harvesting procedure if additional fat is needed.

In the meantime, their fat will be purified at the FDA approved laboratory and storage facility that we use (American Cryostem). It will be kept in cold storage for future fat injection to the breasts.

With option 2, the patient can undergo just one harvesting procedure and have their fat and adult stem cells isolated, frozen, and saved for future use in another stem cell breast augmentation.

Fat Transfer in the News

In the news recently was a press release highlighting the events at the Third International Fat Grafting Forum in New Orleans, LA.

What we found interesting was the fact that breast lipotransfer was shown to be a viable solution specifically for athletic women who are looking for a natural stem cell breast augmentation without the use of saline or silicone breast implants.

Our breast enlargement New York surgeons in Manhattan and Long Island perform breast lipotransfer as part of our full range of cosmetic surgery services. Autologous fat transfer to the breasts allows for the patient's own fat to be harvested from other areas and moved to the bust via breast fat injections.

To Compete or Not to Compete, That is the Question

Many women who compete in athletic events such as track and field, soccer, or basketball find that their high-level of activity produces less-than-desirable results in their bust line.

Fat burned through continual, strenuous exercise burns calories to the degree that many female athletes find their female sex characteristics (such as hips and breasts) are greatly reduced.

For these patients, a completely flat chest can occur as their activity level rises to such a degree that their body is unable to spare the fat for breast tissue to be present.

Once the fat dips below certain levels in the body, female athletes can even stop menstruating; further complicating the issue of being able to build natural breast tissue. This is where breast lipotransfer and natural breast augmentation with fat comes in.

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No matter which procedure is advised by your plastic surgeon, the proof reported at the Third International Fat Grafting Forum shows that patients can increase their cup size by one full cup size, even after 12 month post-surgery.

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