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How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Increase Life Expectancy

How Breast Reduction Surgery Can Increase Life ExpectancyBreast lift surgery and implants certainly get all the attention when it comes to cosmetic  surgery in our society. A breast reduction surgery, however, is just as big an announcement for the woman involved.

A breast enhancement surgery doesn’t always equate to breast enlargement; it can also mean that a woman’s life is enhanced (improved or made better) through reduction surgery.

Recent studies and a more in-depth look into the wear and tear that overly-large breasts bring to a woman’s body has revealed that having breast reduction surgery can lead to a longer life expectancy.

Our breast reduction and lift surgeons in NYC and Long Island, know the toll a woman’s body takes when she has large breasts. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team has the expert skill and training to correct the problem and relieve patients of the physical pain from breasts that are too large.

Large Breasts Can Deteriorate Body Health

The kind of stress the body undergoes from the weight of large breasts is more than you may think. We always hear about how these women have back problems, but what exactly is going wrong? The answer is: a lot.

Physical problems include:

  • Curvature of the spine
  • Risk of spinal discs slipping
  • Nerve damage
  • Hunched back

The amount of discomfort and possible health problems related with large breasts is amazing, but all found to be true. Patients treated by our breast reduction and breast lift surgeons in Manhattan and Long Island discover that physical exercise is something they can now do because of the relief that occurs after breast reduction surgery.

By missing out on healthy living standards, pre-surgical patients put their health in jeopardy! To feel that your own body is preventing you from being truly healthy is quite discouraging.

Diving Deeper Into the Body

Because of the amount of forward-pulling weight from the breasts, a woman will also inevitably have very tense and sore shoulders. She will be pulling back and holding up lots of weight day in and day out with her upper back muscles.

This then leads down through the muscles and into the lower back, which is where the lower back pain stems from. These women may also have what seem to be strong calf muscles but are actually overworked muscles due to the lower back pain.

Your muscles connect and work together starting from your shoulders through your back and into your legs and all pain within that area is related to each other. By releasing the tension and weight from the front of the chest, all of those lower back, and possibly some leg issues, can be remedied.

By having breast lift or breast reduction surgery patients can add years to their life as the physical stress on the their body will be greatly lessened. If they begin an exercise routine, they can add even more years to their life!

Call our Breast Lift and Breast Reduction Surgeons in New York

Our bodies are complex things and when they don’t cooperate, like for large breasted women, it is a complicated battle.

If you are among these women described above with ailments because of your overly-large breasts, then please contact our breast reduction and breast lift centers in NYC (212.206.0023) or Long Island (631.499.1831) today!