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How to Choose the Best Breast Implant Size

Secrets to Choosing the Best Breast Implants for Your Body

Secret Tips for choosing the best implant size from our Breast Enlargement New York Surgeons in NYC and Long Island

If you’re considering breast implants, you may be worried about how much it will cost, how much it will hurt afterwards, or which incision placement is best.

However, if you’re like most of our patients, you’re probably most worried about whether you’ll choose the right size.

Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team hears from patients every day who say that they are second guessing their choice of what size to go with.

Many of them fear that they will not go big enough and want to come back for a second surgery, while others fear that they have chosen too large a size and their breast augmentation will be obvious.

Size DOES Matter

Aside from choosing a highly-qualified Board Certified plastic surgeon, size is the next most important decision regarding your breast enhancement surgery. For some patients, their intention is to make a dramatic difference in their appearance.

Patients such as these often opt to enhance their breasts by more than two full cup sizes and don’t mind if people know they have had the procedure.

Some other patients, however, are simply looking to enhance their bust size in the most natural, complimentary, and discreet way. It is this latter group of patients that usually have the highest degree of uncertainty about which size to choose.

What If They End Up Being Too Big?

Some patients have reported having bad dreams as they toss and turn over the decision of size in their minds even while they sleep. This is an unnecessary worry, however, as most patients (with the help of their surgeon) can arrive at a size that is exactly what they are looking for.

One important factor to consider is your size. If you are petite (smaller in stature and slim), the more of a difference you will see with a smaller breast implant.

Typically, we advise our patients to try on a variety of sizes inside of their bra. Then, when they put their shirt on, they can see what their new bust will look like. This helps patients to be put at ease because they can visualize what they will look like after surgery. It is a good rule of thumb to choose an implant size that will not exceed the width of the rib cage for the most natural look.

What If They End Up Being Too Small?

Going too small with breast implants in nyc or long island

Many patients come in with a particular cup size in mind. For example, if they are an A cup and come in and say, “I just want to be a B cup.” These are usually the patients who fret the most about whether their breast implants will be too small and they won’t be happy.

In these cases where a patient wants a one cup size increase from a very small size, we usually suggest they try on an implant size that is actually about half to one full cup size larger.

More often than not, these patients are able to see that the cup size they had in mind for their bust is actually in the C cup range. It is imperative, therefore, that they take plenty of time to try on several different sizes inside their bra before making a decision.

Often times, when they come back for their pre-op appointment they ask to try their implant size on again just to solidify their comfort in the decision they’ve made. If they have any questions at all, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team, is available to give recommendations.

Contact our Breast Enlargement New York Surgeon for Advice

If you’re not sure about what size to choose, it really comes down to a combination of your preference, how you want to look after surgery, and how the actual implant sizes look like when you try them on under your clothing.

If you’re thinking about an augmentation and would like some advice about which size to choose, call our breast implants NYC or Long Island offices at 212.206.0023 or 631.499.1831.

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Sizing information tips from JustBreastImplants to help you decide what is best for you.