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Types of Incisions and No Scar Augmentations

Types of Incisions and No Scar Augmentations with our New York City Breast Enhancement and Breast Enlargement Long Island Surgeons

Breast Enhancement Incisions 101: How to Choose Which is Right for You

Where to have your incision placed is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make. There are four choices for where to place the incision, all with different benefits.

If you’re unsure about where incisions can be placed or are hinging between deciding on one type over another; we're hopeful that this article will offer you guidance and clarity.

No Scar Breast Augmentation Procedures

1. Transaxillary No Scar Breast Augmentation

This method is one of our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team's favorite ways to perform a breast augmentation because patients are extremely happy with the no scar results!

Because the incision is located underneath the armpit, this procedure is quite popular. It leaves no scars on the breasts and when an endoscope is used, the scars in the armpits are nearly imperceptible.

This type of incision is done by surgeons with specialized endoscopic training because it usually requires the use of an endoscope to create a tunnel from the armpit area to the area beneath the chest muscle wall.

This type of breast enlargement procedure can only be done with unfilled saline breast implants. The surgeon makes a tiny incision in the armpit and then creates a tunnel with the endoscope to reach the underside of the chest muscle wall.

A rolled up unfilled saline breast implant shell is then attached to a filling tube and inserted into the tunnel that was created. Once the implant is in the proper position, the surgeon then fills it to its capacity and then slightly overfills it to avoid rippling of the implant post-surgery.

If an endoscope is not used for this type of incision, the incision is slightly larger than with the endoscopic method but is well hidden in the armpit area.

2. TUBA No Scar Breast Augmentation

This no scar procedure is also referred to as a TUBA, or Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation. This procedure is only performed by surgeons in the United States who have received specialized training for the TUBA procedure such as our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team.

This type of breast augmentation involves only one small slit made in the navel so that the scar will be completely hidden after surgery. An endoscope is used to create a tunnel along the abdominal muscle so that the breast areas can be reached by the surgeon.

The unfilled saline implant is then rolled up neatly and the filling tube is attached prior to the implant being guided into the pocket behind the chest muscle wall. As with all unfilled implants we use, the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team fills the implant to capacity and then slightly overfills it to avoid any rippling of the implant.

Once the procedure is repeated on the other side, one to two dissolvable stitches are used to close the slit in the navel. A compression garment must be worn for several weeks after the procedure to reduce swelling and promote healing.

Minimal Scarring Procedures

1. Areolar, Periareolar, or Nipple Incision

This procedure allows for a discreet incision to be made along the border of the areola (the pink tissue surrounding the nipple). The half-moon shaped incision allows the surgeon to access the breast tissue and to reach the area underneath the chest muscle wall where the implant will be placed.

Either a filled or unfilled saline or pre-filled silicone implants may be used with this type of incision placement. This is because the surgeon can easily widen the incision to accommodate the size of a pre-filled silicone breast implant if need be.

The deeper layers of skin are closed up with dissolvable stitches and the outer skin layer can either be closed with dissolvable stitches or liquid stitches. A compression garment must be worn for several weeks post-surgery to avoid excessive swelling and to help the implants settle into their proper positions.

2. Inframmary

Types of Incisions and No Scar Augmentations from our New York Breast Surgeons

For patients who have breasts that hang, the inframmary incision is often times a preference. This is because the incision is made underneath the breast, hidden in the crease, and the scar is completely hidden from view.

This type of incision allows for the surgeon to insert either unfilled saline or pre-filled silicone breast implants of any size since the incision can easily be widened.

Once the implant is in place behind the chest muscle wall (and filled where appropriate), the patient is closed up using dissolvable stitches.

A compression garment must be worn for several weeks after surgery to reduce swelling and promote healing of the implants in their proper places.

No matter which type of incision you choose, the results will be phenomenal and figure-enhancing.

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