Every woman deserves to feel great whether she is wearing a sweatshirt or a bathing suit.  As women go through life, however, there are several factors that may impact her view of herself.  Pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss or just the simple act of aging are all things that may lead to a change in the shape, volume, or position of the breasts.

In our practices, patients see a vast improvement in their breasts through breast lift and or augmentation procedures. To determine the most suitable procedure for you, read on for more information.

Who is Right for Breast Enhancement & Breast Lift?

Regaining a Youthful Figure with Breast Lift and Enhancement | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NYAny woman over the age of 18 is fully in control of choosing her ideal procedure. Through careful evaluation and discussion with your plastic surgeon, you can determine just what procedure(s) may have the maximum impact.

Some women choose to have breast lift surgery when:

  • Breasts are an acceptable size but they hang loosely

  • Breasts have lost firmness and volume

  • Nipples are downward facing

  • Nipples hang too far below the breast crease

Conditions such as these may exist in both breasts or just one and they may develop due to heredity, lifestyle factors, or aging as mentioned earlier.

Nursing After a Breast Lift

As with the breast augmentation procedure using breast implants, women should have no issues with breast feeding after breast lift surgery in most cases, though exceptions do apply.   In many instances, in fact, breast lift surgery includes the use of breast implants.  The reason for this is prolonged results (implants have a life span of about ten years).

Due to the specific placement of implants and the sub-muscular techniques involved in this cosmetic procedure, milk ducts are not usually impacted and breastfeeding is a viable option for these moms.

Is Breast Lift Covered by Insurance?

As breast lift surgery is typically deemed a purely cosmetic procedure, and therefore insurance companies rarely offer coverage for this treatment.  When specific conditions apply, however, such as breast reconstruction after mastectomy, the opposite breast may be entitled to coverage for modification in order to correct an asymmetrical appearance.  Breast lift scars are always kept to a minimum where possible.

Before scheduling surgery in our breast lift Manhattan or Long Island centers, you should verify the specifics of your insurance policy as far as coverage is concerned.

Come in to Meet Me Today

For any part of the procedure not covered by insurance, we accept CareCredit and other well-known finance companies to cover the cost of plastic surgery.  These companies offer zero-down, no/low interest, and long-term payments so you can afford surgery now without having to wait.  You can even get pre-approved on the pricing page of this website or in-office during your free consultation.

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To a More “Lifted” You,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team

P.S. Your body should be a source of joy as the part of yourself that you visually take in every day.  People who liked this post also read this related post about how to correct sagging breasts.

*This page does not communicate the full list of complete risks and potential complications from this surgery. To receive a list of post-op risks & complications, please contact our office.