Choosing which kind of breast implant is right for you is one of the biggest choices when deciding on a breast augmentation procedure.

What are gummy bear breast implants? Learn from our NYC and Long Island plastic surgery team.There are fat transfer, saline implants, and silicone gel implants; but how about gummy bear implants? Confused, or maybe intrigued? You aren’t the only one!

Recent developments have led to the approval by the FDA of a new type of breast implant which has a sort of gummy bear consistency.

It’s becoming a big thing among patients – by those who are new to the breast augmentation world and those who are replacing their old implants.

What exactly does the term “gummy bear”, mean?

What’s In the Name “Gummy Bear”?

Think about a gummy bear candy. Whenever you had them as a kid (or maybe even just last week), you probably played with them a bit before gobbling them down. They are incredibly squishy and no matter how you mold them, they tend to spring back to their original form. Now imagine an implant with that kind of consistency. It can move with more fluidity than a saline implant but with more of a natural feel as far as softness and texture.

Gummy Bear Implants Will Leave You Sleeping Easy

It has been said by researchers that these types of breast implants are considered safer than other types because of how they are built. Just like a gummy bear, when you cut into these implants it is solid high-strength silicone material that holds its shape unlike that of a saline or liquid silicone breast implant.

In extreme cases, liquid silicone gel implants have been known to rupture or leak inside of the breast. This new cohesive gel implant eliminates that risk. Any folds or rippling is also said to have taken a backseat with the new gummy bear implants.

Companies, such as Natrelle, Sientra, and Mentor have just received FDA approval to have these new cohesive gel implants in their inventory. The FDA has been in the works of approving this new implant for some time.

Being that it is such a new and promising form of breast implants, patients and surgeons alike are seeing what all of the buzz is about! Better safety and more realistic-texture and movement of the breasts is certainly something to be excited about!

Are There Any Downsides?

The only noted downside is that, due to the stable form of the implant, it cannot be inserted through the belly button via the Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) or scar-less procedures through the armpit. When you look at all of the upsides to the implant, however, we really feel that they outweigh the one downside by a far cry.

It’s an Exciting New Future for Breast Enlargement!

The recent approval of the Gummy Bear breast implant has left a definite stamp on the minds of women looking ahead to breast enhancement surgery with more natural-looking and feeling results. Perhaps you are thinking of breast augmentation yourself and would like to learn more about the different options available.

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