In a move to protect women with faulty implants, the Swedish government has asked all women with French-made implants from the now-dissolved PIP company to have them removed, due to health concerns. Though the implants were banned in 2010 due to safety concerns, the problem is serious and widespread, since hundreds of thousands of women received PIP breast implants.


Dangerous Issues

The PIP implants being recalled were thought to be filled with industrial-grade (rather than surgical) silicone, which contains high levels of chemicals that could cause serious harm to women with the implants, and to unborn babies of these women. Since many women who opt for breast implants are pre-menopausal, birth defects are a huge concern. There is also concern that PIP implants are more likely to split than other types, which drastically increases potential problems.


UK Also Calls for Removal

Though PIP implants have been questioned by the UK in the past, the country’s plastic surgeons are once again urging women to have the questionable devices replaced in the wake of Sweden’s announcement. The UK Department of Health has advised all women who experience “side effects such as soreness, lumpiness or anxiety, should speak to their surgeon or GP.”Sweden Urges Women to Get Faulty PIP Implants Removed - Breast Augmentation with Gummy Bear Implants


Safer Alternatives

Fortunately, PIP implants are no longer available, and there are many safe implant alternatives, including traditional silicone implants made with medical-grade silicone, saline implants, and new gummy bear implants. Gummy bear implants were recently approved by the FDA and are made of a firmer silicone that has the texture of a gummy bear, giving a more natural appearance after augmentation.


Selecting the Right Surgeon

A skilled plastic surgeon will help you pick the safe implant that’s right for you. If you’d like to start discussing your options with a top-notch surgeon, schedule a free consultation with our breast augmentation specialist at our offices in Long Island or NYC to learn more about breast implants, cost of surgery, recovery, and more.