Deciding to undergo a breast augmentation procedure is a very personal decision, but you also need to consider other people. If you have a daughter, you need to be careful when talking to her about your decision to undergo breast enhancement surgery.

The media has perpetuated a specific ideal for the female body and the last thing you want to do is further skew your daughter’s perceptions about her own body.

Here is how to talk to her the right away about your surgery decision. Remember, it is not always necessary to talk to your daughter about your surgery, but older girls and teens will definitely notice a change in your appearance.


Be HonestTalking to Your Daughter about Your Breast Augmentation | Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of NY

Pick a quiet place where both of you can sit and chat. Be sure that your daughter knows that this procedure is by choice and that you are not sick. After that, talk candidly and honestly about your motivation for getting the surgery.

Maybe age and gravity have finally taken their toll on your breasts and you wanted a more youthful appearance. Whatever the reason, being honest about why you are making a change to your body is important.


Address Her Own Concerns

Be sure to take the time and address any issues that your daughter may be having about her own developing body. If she’s worried that she’s too fat or thin or even about her own breasts, let her know that her body is still changing and that she is beautiful. If she’s worried about having tiny breasts, tell her to wait until she’s an adult to make a decision on changing her appearance.


Answer Her Questions

Your daughter will probably have thousands of questions to ask you, so let her ask them. She may be concerned with your safety and health, so supply her with literature about the surgery. Answer all of your questions honestly and patiently and do not get defensive.


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