Many teens and young adults have considered breast augmentation as a way to enhance their femininity or correct asymmetrical breasts. This surgery requires a lot of research and consideration. It can be a wise decision to discuss your surgery plans with those closest to you, such as your parents, to help you make the best choice.

Do Your Homework

Before bringing up the subject of breast implants or breast augmentation with your parents, it is important to do some research on this cosmetic procedure. If you want their blessing, you will still need to convince them that this surgery is right for you while letting them know about potential health risks. Be prepared to talk about the price for the surgery and how you are planning to fund it.

Breast Implants New York - Talking to Your Parents about Breast AugmentationMeet with Them

Contact them and set up a meeting. Bring all of your literature on breast augmentation with you and let them know that you have been researching this procedure and how it will benefit you. Be sure they know that you have educated yourself on the subject matter and know everything there is to know about the surgery.

If your parents react negatively, do not get angry. Parents usually believe their kids are perfect and don’t need to change at all. Continue to explain the reasons why this procedure is important to you and how it will benefit you, but also listen carefully to their argument if they present one.

Set Up a Consultation

Call our breast enhancement offices in New York or Long Island to arrange an initial consultation with our doctors. Bring your parents with you so that they can meet with the doctor and ask any questions they might have.

If you are a minor, you will need their permission before going through with the surgery.

Our doctors are committed to providing our patients with the best breast implants in NYC and Long Island, including plastic surgery for moms. You can rest easy knowing that they will work very closely with both you and your parents to address any concerns you both may have regarding the procedure. Call us today and set up a free consultation so we can answer any and all questions you may have.