Most people can still remember feeling awkward at some point during their teen years. We were all trying very hard to fit in, wearing the latest fashions, styling our hair like everyone else did, and just trying to make friends.

During this “in-betweener” stage in our lives, we were trying to discover who we were. But nowadays, there’s more to the “cool” equation then merely fitting in with the trendiest haircut and clothes. Teens are now asking their parents for breast implants and other plastic surgeries.

So, how do you respond to this request? About 25% of our patients are teens who come in with their parents for plastic surgery. Read on for some practical advice for how to broach this topic with your teen and plastic surgeon.

How Pop Culture Affects Teens Today

Should teens get breast implants? Our breast surgery New York surgeons in NYC and Long Island weighs in.Due to television shows like Teen Mom and teen idols transforming right before our very eyes into sex goddesses, adolescents in today’s society think that plastic surgery is a totally normal thing; and it is. Thanks to plastic surgery procedures being safer and more affordable to everybody (and not just celebrities), cosmetic surgery is more widely accepted than ever before.

However, just because teen idols and celebrities are getting breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures, doesn’t necessarily mean that your teenager should.

What’s Your Take on Plastic Surgery?

If your teen asks for plastic surgery or decides that a part of their body needs changing,  it is important for you to discuss your own personal beliefs about plastic surgery with them. You want to make your teen feel comfortable talking about plastic surgery with you. Allow them to know which side of the fence you stand on regarding breast implants and explain why you feel that way.

Plastic surgery can be a difficult subject for parents to talk about openly when it’s their own teenager asking for a breast augmentation, for example. But shirking away from the subject is the last thing you want to do. The more open you and your teen can be about surgery, the more your teen will share with you; this gives you the chance to address all of their questions and concerns.

After your teen knows how you feel, it will be easier for both of you to reach a mutual decision regarding the timing of their cosmetic surgery procedure. We recommend that teens do not have elective cosmetic surgery of any kind until they are at least 18 (preferably aged 20 or older). Although in some cases, when a teen has finished growing plastic surgery may be a viable option (such as rhinoplasty).

Is Your Teen Just Going through a Phase?

All teens go through different phases as they discover who they are as people. It is critical to know if the desire for plastic surgery is something that your daughter truly feels she wants, or if it is simply a passing phase. This is why we recommend coming in to find out more about the procedure but waiting until they are finished growing both physically and emotionally in order to make the final decision.

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To a Well-Informed Decision for You and Your Teen,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team