In a recent article published in the Desert News, experts discuss the rising trend of teenagers turning to plastic surgery to correct physical deformities, fix congenital defects or make themselves feel better about their appearance. One teen the article mentions is Becca, a New York City native who received a breast augmentation as a graduation present.

Teen Trend

At our breast enhancement clinics in New York, we see hundreds of patients each year. But we don’t just perform plastic surgery for moms anymore. Some of those patients are teenagers.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that nearly 219,000 plastic surgery procedures were performed on teenagers during 2010. The most popular procedures included rhinoplasty, male breast reduction, breast augmentation and liposuction. Teens also received laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and dermabrasions.

The trend of teen plastic surgery is definitely on the rise.

The trend of teen plastic surgery is on the rise. Get breast implants in NYC or a breast augmentation in Long Island.Parents Must Use Caution

We advise the parents of teen patients, as well as the teenagers themselves, to think long and hard before they undergo any types of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Many of them may be too immature to see future ramifications, have unrealistic expectations of the procedure results or may not have stopped growing. This can all result in a bad outcome later on down the road.

It is imperative that the teen and their parent meet with our team at one of our breast augmentation centers in NYC or Long Island for an initial consultation about the procedure.

This way, we can make it very clear to them about what they should expect, who makes an ideal candidate for plastic surgery, and if plastic surgery is the right choice for them.

A lot of teens want to have a cosmetic surgery procedure to fit in with their peers. But they could end up regretting that procedure in years to come. Cosmetic procedures aren’t necessarily right for everyone.

Meet with Us for a Consultation

Plastic surgery for teens will always be a hot topic, but it should be dealt with in a mature and informed way.

Be sure to call our breast augmentation offices in Long Island or NYC if your teen is interested in having plastic surgery. We can answer all of your questions and chat with you and your teen about their surgery goals.

Plastic surgery is all about communication and information. We can provide you with both.