A woman may decide on a breast augmentation for any number of reasons all her own. In the many years we have been performing breast augmentation in NYC and Long Island, we have found that many women seek this procedure as a way to improve their feelings about body image.

Some visit us to replace a breast removed during cancer treatment or to correct a naturally occurring asymmetry. Regardless of the exact reasons for deciding to have breast implants, it is always important to understand the emotional effects of surgery.

One thing we talk with patients about is that breast enhancement is not a way to gain self esteem that is lacking in their current appearance.

While breast augmentation can increase self-confidence and allow a woman to love the appearance of her body, it cannot bring about self-esteem all on its own. Without a healthy self-image before surgery, a patient will likely feel disappointment afterwards.

Positive Emotional Effects of Breast Augmentation

Unspoken emotional effects of breast augmentation. Our NYC and Long Island plastic surgeons offer tips about enhancement.Women who have battled and beat breast cancer at the cost of their natural breast often have a hard time emotionally.

What is left after mastectomy feels unnatural and directly impacts how a woman views her body.

While there are prosthetic breast inserts that may be worn inside of a bra or bathing suit, there is nothing like getting personalized treatment.

By reconstructing the breasts, we see an immediate improvement in the psyche of the patient who desires a natural looking breast. Likewise, women who love their bodies but wish to correct deformities or would feel a higher degree of confidence with a larger breast will experience great satisfaction with this cosmetic treatment.

Cause for Concern

On the other hand, believing that altering your appearance will make you a happier person, help you find love, compete in the marketplace or fix life’s problems will most certainly lead to disappointment and a lack of enjoyment of your altered appearance.

If you look at your body as flawed or generally unattractive, breast enlargement will likely not be beneficial for you.

Choosing to have breast augmentation surgery should not be done from solely an emotional standpoint. Through a comprehensive consultation process, we will evaluate and discuss your expectations and reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery in order to help you experience the best possible outcome.

Asking the Right Questions

Before you decide to have breast augmentation surgery, it may help you to do some personal evaluating. Ask yourself:

  • What are my reasons for wanting breast augmentation?
  • How do I feel about my body right now?
  • Is there anyone who is prompting this decision besides myself? Am I having this surgery to fulfill someone else’s vision for my best self?
  • Is it possible that a stressful situation is prompting the desire for treatment? A divorce, loss of a loved one, job change or other life event is often likely to lead some women to seek cosmetic treatment.

Breast augmentation can vastly improves a woman’s view of herself if done with a healthy mental and emotional state of mind. By approaching this treatment with this kind of mindset, the patient will feel much more satisfied with her results.

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