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Allure magazine recently interviewed Victoria Beckham about her decision to remove her breast implants. During the interview, Beckham was vague about the reasons she decided to have them removed. All she had to say about it was:

“I don’t have them anymore.”

Beckham is known for her beauty, fashion sense, and vocal talent. Her body has been envied by many women. Not too many women have large breasts with an ultra-tiny waistline. It is just not in most women’s DNA.

From Plastic Surgery to Au Natural

The body that Beckham created for herself has received a lot of attention. This attention is what has given her so much work in the past. However, she’s a mom now at 39 years old, with four children.

It is possible Beckham has decided to move on from her entertaining days, in which large breasts and a small waist helped her to further her career in show business. If there were health problems such as neck or back pain, this might have been what led her to having her breast implants removed.

Whatever the reason she decided to have them removed, it’s a personal decision that we respect. Anyone who decides to get implants or to have them removed does it based on their own personal views and desires. No one needs to explain themselves.

Plastic Surgery Is Your Personal Decision

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